Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review! - NUDE Radiant Day Moisturizer

I received this sample with a purchase from Sephora.

The packet lasted several days.  I used it right after washing (rinsing with water, really) my face in the morning.  A less-than-nickle-sized amount was enough for my entire face.  I usually apply moisturizer when my face is still slightly damp from washing.  This moisturizer spread evenly and quickly.  It feels a bit thick while applying, but it dries to a light finish.  It does leave a bit of a tight feeling; not like my skin is dry, but similar to how a peel-off mask feels when it is ready to come off.  It kind of gave the feeling of the moisturizer making a light mask on my face.  It didn't bother me, and the feeling wore off within a half-hour or so.

The scent is pleasant, and dissipates rapidly after application.  I haven't been able to place the scent, but it does contain jasmine flower extract, so perhaps it smells like jasmine?  It isn't a heavy scent, and I liked it.

My skin stayed well hydrated all day.  I don't usually have a problem with my skin being dry, so I would expect any moisturizer to work just as well.

Ever since I started using Almond Oil in my cleansing routine, I have needed moisturizers less and less.  For that reason, I do not plan to purchase this moisturizer.  However, if you are in the market for one, I would definitely suggest picking up a sample of this and trying it out for yourself!

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