Friday, March 1, 2013

Tutorial! Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in "Saint" - Natural and Soft Pink Smoky Eye

I recently picked up Kat Von D's True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in "Saint".  You can see the review here.  I did a very natural and soft pink smoky eye with it today.

1 - I used two brushes for this look, a "bareMinerals Double-Ended Smoky Eye Brush"
(the brush on top) and a "bareMinerals Double-Ended Smoky 'V' Brush"(bottom).  The top one is a "Deerfoot Stippler", and is a fairly common brush for painters.  When this brush gives out, which will probably be soon, I will certainly replace it.  However, I am planning to upgrade.  Even though this brush lasted several years, and hundreds of washings, I use this brush all the time, and I want a higher-quality brush.  On the other end of this brush is a tiny version of the big side you can see.

The bottom brush has that nice, incredibly soft blending brush on the end you can see, and on the end you can't see, there is a completely useless V-shaped brush.

Anyway, these are the brushes I used.  In between colors, I cleaned the brushes with a baby wipe so that the colors would not muddy up.

2 - Here I am with all of my makeup on except for my eyeshadow and mascara.

3 - Here is a bare lid.

4 - First, apply primer to the area shown.

5 - Next, apply <3 to the area shown.  I pat the color on with the large deerfoot stippler.  This, combined with the primer, helps the glitter stick.  There isn't a lot of glitter in this shade, but what is there gives a nice little twinkle every now and again.

6 - Now, apply Pray For Me in the area shown.

7 - Now add Pray For Me at the lower lash line.  This color is subtle unless you build it up, so don't be afraid to cover a lot of the lower lid.  When I do my lower lid, I take the eyeshadow down to where the tips of my lower lashes end.

8 - Blend, blend blend!

9 - Add more Pray For Me in the outer corner.  To figure out where you should put this, face your mirror, then tilt your head down, chin towards chest, and look up at the mirror with your eyes only.  You should see where your brow bone casts a shadow over this area.  That general area is where you want to darken.  For a daytime look, only tilt your head down far enough to cast the shadow to about even with the end of your eyebrow.

10 - Add some black eyeliner.

11 - Go over the liner with Caravaggio.  Gently blend away from the lashline just a bit, as shown.

12 - Next, highlight with Heavens.

13 - Finally, add mascara!


Here is full face, with my hair still pulled back from applying my makeup.

And here I've put them down, and I'm done!


  1. Great tutorial, I love the shades you used.

    1. Thanks, Ashley! I've been enjoying following your blog at !