Friday, May 17, 2013

Lip Swatch! - Wet n Wild Megalast Matte Lipstick - 965- Cherry Picking

I swatched out 13 more Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks here.   Today is 965- Cherry Picking!

This color is gorgeous!  It is a violet-berry-red.  It is bright, but wearable.  It is an attention catching color, and the violet sheen and pink undertones enlarge the lip slightly, rather than diminish like many deep colors can.

I wear this color with minimal, shimmery makeup.  I think it looks especially nice when paired with a white top, blue jeans, and amethyst earrings.

First, bare lips.  I prepped them with a thin application of Lansinoh.
Now, a thin layer, applied from the tube, in a single swipe.  I left half of my lips bare for comparison.
Now for what I would call full strength.  I applied directly from the tube.  Keep in mind that this is a matte formula, but it does go on creamy.  If you put some lip balm on your lips before applying it, the formula will remain a satin finish.  If you apply the lipstick without any balm, the finish will look matte, but will feel satin on your lips.  This color does intensify with a second coat. 

Next is full lip.  I applied directly from the tube to the bare side, and I put on about 2 coats.  This lipstick is very opaque when applied directly from the tube.  I cleaned up the lipline with a lipbrush.   


  1. This is beautiful! I love that you review affordable items as well!

    Did this feel drying after a while?

    I'm excited to find out about who the giveaway!

    1. Hi, Mandy! I don't think this is drying at all. To me, it feels like wearing a lip balm, without the slick feeling. I'll be drawing the winner(s) for the giveaway as soon as I'm done verifiying the entries, and will announce the winner by Monday. :-)

    2. Oh that's fabulous to know! I might have to go pick it up! Thanks for your reviews! Just wondering do you ever stay away from products that contain parabens?

      I've been using nyx lip products but they contain them wasn't sure if wet and wild did?

    3. Oooh, the paraben question. The short answer is no, I do not stay away from parabens. I am aware of the concerns, however, I have also researched the issue, and agree that the studies that mentioned breast cancer and parabens occurring together did not search far enough to identify a link between the two that shows a causality, and not a coincidence. Basically, they found parabens in breast cancer tumors, but did not study other tissues to see if they found parabens there.

      Here is a link to the FDA's opinion.

      While I don't place full faith in the FDA (they are, after all, human, and humans make plenty of mistakes), I do happen to agree with their stance on this issue, and their summary does align closely with my opinion.