Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review! Bare Minerals All Over Face Color in Pure Radiance

bareMinerals All Over Face Color in Pure Radiance was part of a sample set of blushes, bronzers and illuminators that I bought.  Pure Radiance is described as a golden peach sheen, and I think that description is spot-on.  These powders are meant to be shaken into the lid, and then you swirl your brush around in the powder in the lid, and then tap the excess off the brush before applying the product.

Sephora says:
"bareMinerals All-Over Face Colors provide a natural luminosity that is similar to the dewiness of a child's skin. Sweep these illuminating minerals on your cheeks, forehead, and chin for an instant goddess glow."
I say, meh.  This color did not work for me.  I would have liked this better in a different shade, I think.

This is an illuminating powder. It comes in different tints, but it's basically powder with a ton of micro-fine glitter in it.  I don't like to wear this color on my face.  It's too close to my skin color to create depth, and too far away to blend in.  Because the color is so close to my skin tone, it ends up looking muddy and overdone.

This powder is kind of dense and buttery, so it clumps together.  It does fall apart OK once you start swirling a brush in it, but I noticed that I had spots on my brush that picked up more powder than others.  This was an effect of the first time the brush hit the powder, and it pushed up into the bristles.  So, when I tried to then apply it to my face, I would get streaky spots of product where there was more product in certain parts of the brush.  However, this was a trial size, and I believe the regular size is larger, so a brush would fit in the lid better, and that may eliminate the problem.

I didn't want to just throw this away, so it sat in my makeup bag for the past two weeks, and I would try it again every other day or so, just to see if a different application would change my opinion on it.  One day, my eyeshadow experiment wasn't going very well, but I didn't want to wash it off and start over.  I loaded up a flat concealer brush with a healthy amount of powder, and swept it on over my messed up eyeshadow to try to tone down the mess.  It was lovely!  It is buttery and dense, which is great for an eyeshadow, and it covered and smoothed out the botched eyeshadow job and I ended up with a nice, nude look.

In summary, I would recommend this as a nude, shimmery eyeshadow rather than a face powder.  I doubt I'll ever run out, so I don't plan to re-purchase this.

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