Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review! SEPHORA COLLECTION Moonshadow Baked Palette - In The Dark

I really like the SEPHORA COLLECTION Moonshadow Baked Palettes, and this week I tried out In The Dark.

These shadows are very dry, as most baked shadows are.  Because of this, you will get a lot of fallout in the case.  They are intended to be used wet.

However, I don't recommend using them wet.  If you want the intense color, and keep it in place all day, you will need a special primer; Pixie Epoxy.  A very thin layer of Pixie Epoxy, over your regular primer, will hold all of the sparkle, and almost all of the color.  I'm going to go ahead and call this a necessity.  When using the Pixie Epoxy, these colors become extremely wearable for daytime looks, and the shimmer makes it transition to night-time without further application.  You can build up your layers, to the point where you nearly reach the "applied wet" intensity.

I found that when, used wet, they will start to flake off after a few hours of wear.

The packaging is hard plastic case, and on the entire inside of the lid is a mirror.  The case is difficult enough to open to assure you that it's not going to fly open in your makeup bag, but not so difficult that you'll have to wrestle with it.  The top has a black lace pattern screenprinted on it.

In The Dark hits a home run with its dark colors.  Although the base black is the same for Black Gold, Glitter Black, and Black Purple, the glitter and finishes are all different.  Black Gold is the most interesting, as it keeps the black background, and then has gold glitter in it, with a gold sheen over the top.  Glitter Purple does much the same thing, except with purple, and with not quite the dramatic effect. Glitter Black doesn't have a sheen to it, but they did load it up on glitter.

The real surprise is Deep Brown.  Applied wet or over Pixie Epoxy, it has a pink cast to it.  However, applied dry, it looses nearly all of the sparkle, and is a beautiful dried-leaf-brown.

Here is a look using Lavender, Nude, Deep Brown, Gold and White Gold.  Nude is beneath the outer half of the eyebrow, Gold is above the crease to the eyebrow and along the inner nose, Lavender is on the entire lid, and Deep Brown was smudged all around the lashline.  Because I applied Deep Brown over Lavender, it lost its sheen and most of the sparkle, as I intended for it to do.  Finally, I tapped a bit of White Gold at the tear ducts with my finger.

I love these Moonshadow Palettes for summer looks.  Using just an eyeshadow primer will leave you with a pretty sparkle that doesn't look overdone when outdoors, and only takes a minute to apply.

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