Monday, November 19, 2012

Giveaway Sponsor Spotlight – Lansinoh Lanolin!

One of my awesome sponsors for my first giveaway is LansinohLanolin!  In the Grand Prize, there is a full-size tube of Lansinoh Lanolin!  Five other lucky winners will receive a mini-size Lansinoh Lanolin!  These minis are perfect for keeping in your purse, and are especially handy for fitting inside an evening clutch bag.
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This product was originally intended as a topical skin protectant for nursing mothers.  It is a medical-grade product, and is a by-product of wool washing (it undergoes a lot of refinement to become medical grade).  It is partially occlusive, which means air and moisture can pass through it to some extent. 
There is a lot of information about lanolin out there, so I want to tell you why it is my Holy Grail lip product.

The problem:
I am a chronic lip-picker.  There.  I said it.  Any dryness, any flakiness, any little cracks, I’ll pick at them.  It can get pretty bad, to the point where my lips bleed.  It’s an awful habit, and I have tried to stop doing it, but sometimes I’ll do it without even realizing it!

Failed remedies:
I used to blow through a tube of Chapstick like it was nothing.  I hated the feel of Chapstick… it felt like it was sitting on top of my lip, and not like it was actually moisturizing anything.   I tried other lip moisturizers, too.  While they felt moisturizing (I had learned to stay away from petroleum lip products after researching Chapstick), they didn’t stick around for long.  So I was still applying balm at least every hour.  The nice part about my lips feeling hydrated was that I didn’t have much to pick at.  Slowly, my lips were healing.  However, the lipline was still extremely dry, red, cracked, and painful!  Owww!  I thought I was doomed to dry lips for life.

The desperate moment:
Then, I had my first baby.  Late one night, desperate for lip balm, but in the middle of nursing, I picked up the tube of Lansinoh Lanolin.  I was debating using it on my lips, but ewww!  A nipple ointment on my lips?  But, man, I really needed some lip balm.  Out of desperation, I started re-reading the tube, and noticed the part about not needing to wipe it off before nursing.  I figured, if it is safe enough, and tasteless enough, for a baby to ingest, then surely it will be safe enough for me to use on my lips, right?  I screwed up my face and braved a go at it.  In a seemingly miraculous nanosecond, my lips stopped burning from the dryness.  My lipline even felt soothed!  This was a revelation!  This was pain-free!  This was in an unassuming little purple tube in the baby section of Wal-Mart!  Relieved, and quite frankly, it was around 3 in the morning, I didn’t think much more about it until around 4 hours later.  I realized I hadn’t even thought about re-applying a lip product since I had put on the Lansinoh Lanolin, even though I had gotten out of bed by 6am.  I rubbed my lips together and they felt smoother than they had in years.  I could still feel some product on there, too!  That was amazing!  

The skeptic:
I continued to use the Lansinoh Lanolin instead of my other lip balms for the next several days.  I was trying to disprove the amazing results I had experienced.  Years of lip balms working great for a day or two and then the benefits sharply declining or even stopping had made me skeptical to any “miracle product”.  But nothing changed, except for the condition of my lips.  For the first time in years, they weren’t cracked and bleeding.  They were soft, moisturized, and healing. 

The result:
That was nearly five years ago.  I don’t use any other lip balm anymore.  I keep tubes of Lansinoh Lanolin in my purse, in the bathroom, and in the living room.  For me, Lansinoh Lanolin crossed the line from beauty product to necessity.  
You can find Lansinoh Lanolin in just about any store that has a baby section.  Lansinoh even has a helpful little “Where to Buy” map on their website.

How do you do it?
I apply a thin layer (a tiny little bit goes a really long way!) in the morning.  By the time I am ready to do my makeup, my lips are completely hydrated and easy to exfoliate with either a damp washcloth or even a dry napkin!  After exfoliating, I apply another thin layer.  Then I apply my makeup, saving my lips for last.  By that time, it has had a few minutes to soak in, and my lips are smooth, hydrated, and still plump from the exfoliation.  I apply my lipstick and I’m done!  When it is time to re-apply, I either apply the Lansinoh Lanolin directly over the lipstick that is still left (it rehydrates, un-clumps, and sheers out the remaining lip color), or I wipe my lips clean and start over, avoiding the lip line so that I don’t disturb the concealer in place just beyond it.  That’s it!  There’s nothing else to it!

Here is the very package of Lansinoh Lanolin you could win!
And here is the Grand Prize!  What are you waiting for? Go enter!


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