Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giveaway Sponsor Spotlight – Sormeh by Mosha Katani

One of my awesome sponsors for my first giveaway is Mosha Katani!  Mosha is an amazing makeup artist who has started her own line of eye khols, called Sormeh.  In the Grand Prize, there are TWO full size bottles of Sormeh, in Black and in Charcoal Brown!  
Have you entered the giveaway yet?  If not, it’s easy!  Go here and enter today!  You have until November 30, 2012 to enter.

It takes a lot for me to throw out every other item within a makeup family and stick to just one product, so I want to tell you why it is my Holy Grail eyeliner product.

The problem:
My eyes tend to shed eyeliner as if it was nothing.  Waterproof, stay-put, whatever they claimed, my eyes just giggled and made it magically disappear.  It was to the point that I no longer even wore eyeliner unless it was a very special occasion.  It just wasn't worth it.  It wouldn't stay on my lids, lashline, or waterline.

Failed products:
Everything.  Every eye liner and eye powder I had used before this did not last on my eyes.  I know that is brief, but nothing stayed put all day or all night, let alone both.

The deciding moment:
I was in an online forum, and the ladies were discussing eye kohl.  I had never tried a real kohl, but we hesitant to order one without being able to try it first.  I was following the thread with interest, but nothing made me want to try one until someone mentioned Sormeh by Mosha Katani.  I went to her Etsy store and read up on the product.  I googled, I researched, and I dove in.  I hadn't found any negative reviews, so I figured I'd give it a shot!  After all, I had tried so many other products!

The skeptic:
I didn't expect it to work, plain and simple.  I was hopeful, but I knew I could just be ending up with a black eyeshadow.  When it arrived I tried it on, and took pictures for every hour afterwards, including after my shower, and then in the morning when I woke up.  The results were surprising, and I tried my best to not get excited as each hour passed, but this stuff was staying in place!

The result:
I was stunned that I still had a light amount of shadow still smudged in my upper and lower lashlines the next morning.  I can usually make it through half the day without touching up my waterline application, but even as it fades, the fading tends to happen very evenly.  The only area that fades is my waterline.  My upper and lower lashline and lids remain intact the entire day... and through the night if I don't wash it off very thoroughly.

I think that even fading is a very important quality for any makeup to have.  We don't live on a stage, our makeup is not retouched every 30 minutes.  So as the day wears on and my makeup is slowly wearing off, I need it to do so in a manner that doesn't leave me looking disheveled.

You can find Sormeh at Mosha's Etsy Store, here.  She is also rapidly expanding into other marketplaces, and you can find her at:
Luscious Lashes (all orange county locations)
Mission Ranch Market in Mission Viejo, CA.
Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA.
Razi Pharmacy in Mission Viejo, CA. and,
www.Sadaf.com under Health and Beauty

How do you do it?
This stuff is simple to use.  I do all my other makeup before I put on my Sormeh.  I'm not wearing any eyeshadow or eyeliners here:
The first few times you use it, you may want to try it out on a weekend at home so you can get used to applying it.  It comes out of the package as a clumpy powder, which I like.  I separate a little clump away from the others, mash it with my brush (it pulverizes to an ultra-soft powder easily), and gently start pushing it into my lashlines.  Then I line my lower and upper waterlines.  Next, I smudge some more around my lashline until I'm fairly happy with the amount I've put on.  Go slowly.  This is a true black powder.  It takes a lot less than I thought it would when I first started playing with it.
Finally, I blend-blend-blend all over my upper and lower lid.  Pop on some mascara and you are done!
Here is the very package of Sormeh you could win!
And here is the Grand Prize!  What are you waiting for? Go enter!

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