Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review! - Dr. Brandt Pore Thing T-zone Pore Tightener

Sephora says this about pore thing with evermat:

What it is:
A treatment gel that reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, smoothes skin texture, and provides a matte finish.

What it is formulated to do:
Formulated for the t-zone, this product gently clears pores, reduces excess oil, and restores pore walls to help snap them back into shape.

Newly opened...

 I used this for about 3 weeks, and I was not impressed.  It did make my pores look smoother, but it was the same effect I get when using either foundation primer, or really blending my foundation into my pores (spackle, if you will).  There was a slight minty feeling to it, probably from the tea tree oil it contains.

I applied it only to my nose, as the rest of my face doesn't get very oily, and I didn't want to dry out those areas.  I tried using different quantities of product, from a very thin application up to very thick, and even tried applying it in several layers of varying thickness.  No dice.  It did nothing to control the oiliness of my nose.  I had to pat my nose with a tissue to blot away excess oil throughout the day, just like I have to do when I don't use this product.

It got mixed reviews on Sephora, and a majority of the reviewers loved it.  I would suggest asking for a little sample to try first (it doesn't take much product at all to completely coat my nose), and then investing in it if it works for you.  At $45 each, it's a splurge, and I expect splurges to work phenomenally, and for me, it just didn't deliver.  Usually, I'll just throw away a product that doesn't work for me, but at that price, I'll be returning this to Sephora.

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