Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review! Beyond Belief Vita C+ Facial Serum

I found mine on, but Sally Beauty keeps them in stock, and the price is currently less than $10!  Most serums are HELLO! expensive.  I had been researching other brands, but when I came across this one for so cheap, and with such good reviews, I decided to start with this one instead.  Here is what Sally's has to say about it:

  • Leaves Skin Fresh and Glowing
  • Improves the Texture of Skin
  • Brightens Skin
  • Enhances Skin Tone

Advanced Vita C+ Facial Serum contains a concentration of Vitamin C and Peptides to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This formula revitalizes and nourishes dry skin with lush moisture to improve the complexion’s tone and texture. Use with other Vita C+ Skin Nutrients products for best results. 

I like this serum.  It smells like papaya to me.  It absorbs very quickly, as serums are supposed to do, and does not feel heavy or greasy at all.  I really like that it has a pump dispenser.  I don't like putting my fingers into product, and I have started to shy away from bottles or jars that don't have a pump.  A full pump is way too much serum; I use a half pump (just push the pump halfway down) and it covers my entire face and neck.  If I accidentally use too much, I just smooth the excess on the back of my hands.  After a week of using this, I started skipping moisturizer after applying it, because my skin didn't feel dry anymore, and the serum kept my skin hydrated quite well, and adding moisturizer on top of it left my skin feeling greasy.  As it is the middle of winter, I was very surprised to find that my skin didn't need any more moisture.

Because I haven't used many serums, I don't have much to compare this to.  I did see immediate results with my skin looking hydrated and dewy, and it does look brighter (but not sparkly, there is no glitter in this).  I will certainly continue to use this serum, and the bottle is huge, so it will last quite a long time.  I really like to try different products, so I probably won't stick with this serum.  However, if I was the type of girl who stopped looking when something worked, I wouldn't look further. 

Have you tried this serum?  What do you think about it?  Do you have a favorite that you think I should try?


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