Saturday, February 2, 2013

Review! - Dermactin-TS Age Spot Brightening Serum

Dermactin-TS Age Spot Brightening Serum can be found at Sally Beauty for under $14, and Sally's says:

  • Concentrated intensive formula
  • Specifically formulated for age spots
  • Effective on age spots, freckles, melasma

Dermactin-TS Age Spot Brightening Serum helps reduce the appearance of unwanted age sports, freckles and even the most difficult discolorations with this intensive clarifying skin treatment. Concentrated formula.
Massage daily into desired areas until completely absorbed. do not use more than twice daily. Avoid contact with eyes or broken, irritated skin.

I found mine at Marshall's, and bought it on a whim.  It was around $5 at Marshall's, but as their stock can vary from store to store, know that you can get it from Sally's for sure.

The bottle:


I used this on a dark spot that I gained with my last pregnancy.  After nearly a year, it still hadn't faded away, and I was getting tired of looking at it.  I didn't try to conceal it, but it was annoying how long it was taking for it to go away (these spots, when gained as a result of pregnancy, are supposed to fade afterwards).

For the first three days, I tried to apply it as the directions indicate, but trying to massage in a serum on such a small patch of skin was irritatingly difficult, because the spot is smaller than my fingertip so I couldn't keep it contained to just that spot.  So, I started to apply it with the little applicator wand, and then used the wand to rub it in a bit, and then just let it sit there until the liquid dried.  It seemed to work well.  The spot has faded considerably.  Once the spot is completely gone, I am going to start applying the serum to a larger surface area, to see if it will even out my general skintone.  Unfortunately, I still have not upgraded my camera, so the photos don't do complete justice to how much this spot actually faded.



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  3. I have been using age spot remover for about 10 days and my age spots are already fading. Very excited to see what happens in a few more weeks.