Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tutorial! Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in "Saint" - Brown Smoky Eye

I recently picked up Kat Von D's True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in "Saint".  You can see the review here.  I did a very basic, daytime, brown smokey eye.

To start off, here is just my bare lid. 
Next, put an eyeshadow primer all over the lid, from lashline to eyebrows.  You can put some below your lower lashline too, if you like.  My primer has a very white cast to it.  I outlined the area I applied primer in red, below:

3 - Using a brush, apply Heavens as shown:

4 -  Now some Pray For Me:

5 - Then Sunny:

6 - Blend!  Blend some more! 

7 - Add Caravaggio to the upper and lower lash line.  Push it into the base of your lashes.  Make sure you get the outer corner of your eyes really well.

8 - Now, take the Caravaggio up a little higher on your upper lid, starting where your lashes start.  Gradually increase the height, and if you want to continue upwards once you reach the outer corner, you can (that is what I did).

9 - Now add Puro Amor Eye Pencil all around the base of the lashes, and on the top and bottom waterline.  Avoid the lid area at the inner corner where there aren't any eyelashes (we want that area to stay light), and try to make the line smaller the closer you get to the inner corner.

 10 - Add mascara.

11 - Add more Heavens from the brow bone, to the inner corner, and sweeping down to the under-eye area.  Keep adding until it is bright enough for you.  I am quite pale, and my primer is white, so you can't really see the color here.  In person, all you can see is the pearl finish.  That is what a highlighter is supposed to do, though, just highlight and not spotlight.  This goes in the large swath on the right side of the photo.  Add some Pray For Me to the lower lash line, from the far outer corner to just where the bottom lashes stop.  Blend the Pray For Me with the Caravaggio already there, try to make a subtle transition from the dark on the lashline to the lighter brown on the bottom.  A few swipes from side to side should do it.  This goes in the small area on the left, under the eye.

12 - Apply concealer under the eye.  I cover a larger area than I was able to capture here, but just use it where, and if, you need it.  If you don't need it, then skip this step.

13 - Done!  Well, almost.  I realized after I took this picture that I wasn't quite even on both sides.  I added a bit more Caravaggio to the left side crease, and blended the left side some more.
 Ok, NOW it's done!

Full Face!  I took these pics in natural light.  My eyes are very sensitive to sunlight, so it's taking all my concentration to not squint.  Hence, no smiling and the kind of angry expression:

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