Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review! Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil

This experiment reminded me of why I like to try a product for a long time before I review it.  When I first started using Organix Renewing Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil ("the oil" for short), I liked it a lot.  I used it on the lower half of my hair when it was still very damp from the shower, and then applied more after drying with a blow dryer on low heat.  It absorbed into my hair very quickly, and (I do my hair care at night) was never oily the next day.

Over time, however, I noticed that my ends were becoming more and more "crispy".  I thought it was odd, because I hadn't changed anything to my routine, and hadn't colored, and hadn't used any high heat on my hair, in quite some time.  It took me a while to realize that I hadn't don't anything to change my routine since starting the oil.

Usually, I look at a product's ingredient list before I purchase it.  However, I bought the oil on sale, and I freely admit I did no research for other user's reviews on the oil, and did not confirm if Organix is, as the name implies, organic (it isn't).

I found mixed reviews on the oil, so the scoring alone would not have deterred me.  What would have, however, is seeing that this is a heavily silicone-based product.   I don't mind having a bit of certain kinds of silicons in my conditioners (specifically, water soluble ones), but I don't like to put other silicons on my hair, as it forms a barrier on the hair shaft.  This barrier is a very effective shield that keeps moisture wherever it is when you apply the silicon, be it in the hair, or in the air.  This shield can be very helpful as a "quick fix" if humidity makes your hair go crazy.  However, as a long term solution, I think that it perpetuates the problem.  Hair absorbs moisture from the air because the hair is dried out, but the humidity makes it frizz, so you put silicone on it to make it not absorb that moisture, and so your hair doesn't frizz anymore.  But, if your hair needs moisture, to me it would make more sense to put moisture into the hair, rather than put silicone on the hair to block humidity.  It's the "treat the problem and not the symptom" approach.

Ok, so long story short, I'm picky about using silicons, and this stuff has three non-water-soluble silicons listed right at the top of the ingredient list.

I'm the dummy for not reading the label.

So, a brief recap, at first it worked great (like all silicone products are apt to do), and over time the ends of my hair became a more and more crispy, splitting, tangling, self-knotting horrific mess.

I just trimmed off about 2 inches over the weekend, tossed this crap in the garbage, and am going back to my previous moisturizing treatment.  I hope some of the damage can be reversed.  I was hoping to have my hair to waist length by the end of the summer, but losing two inches set me back to it probably taking until the end of the year.

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