Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Review! The Lure Eyeshadows

I tell you, I wish all cosmetics came in sample sizes!  I love to experiment, but I hate buying huge pans of eyeshadow, lipstick, blushes and bronzers when I know I'm going to want to try something new in another two weeks.  I found my favorite eyeliner, Sormeh, on Etsy, so I started searching for some more makeups, and was hoping to find some sample size products.  I scored!

I found The Lure.

The Lure had a sample sale going on, so I got 5 colors for a dollar! 

I chose:
1 - Fiery
2 - Orange Autumn
3 - Persimmon
4 - Plum
5 - Scarlet

The listing indicated:
These may contain mica, ultramarine, oxides, zinc oxide, sericite, magnesium stearate,kaolin.

**The Lure does not use Carmine, Ferric Ferrocyanide, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, Bismuth Oxychloride, parabens, or talc. Some of these ingredients can cause allergic reactions.

The listing also clearly stated that the eyeshadow was going to come in little plastic baggies, so I was expecting that.  However, I have never ordered eyeshadow in a baggie, so I didn't know that it is kind of hard to deal with eyeshadow in a bag.  I tried applying it with my finger, an eyeshadow brush, and a Q-tip.  I recommend using a Q-tip.  I didn’t have enough control with my finger, the brush picked up too much product, but the Q-tip picked up the right amount, and has the bonus of being disposable.  Since these were sample sizes, I don’t really mind the baggies, especially at the sale price.

The plastic baggies made the colors all looked muted and muddy.  However, once the color was out of the baggie, it looked completely different.
(left to right, Fiery, Orange Autumn, Persimmon, Plum, Scarlett)

Most of the colors applied evenly, and they are all very pigmented.  It didn't take a lot to make my swatches.  Plum was the one shade that applied kind of patchy.  It wasn’t horribly patchy, but it didn’t smooth on as evenly as the other colors did.  It did blend out well, so part of the fault may lie with the Q-tip.  The shimmers are very, very subtle.  The Lure uses an ultra-fine glitter in their shimmers, and there is almost no glittery fall-out.  I prefer a lot more sparkle to my eyeshadows, so I wish there was more shimmer.  I think the amount of shimmer would make these eyeshadows wearable even for ladies who prefer matte.  The shimmers do feel a touch gritty; it is enough to mention, but not enough to deter me from wearing them.

Indoor Lighting:
Natural Lighting:

1 - Fiery is a shimmer.  It is a burnt orange/brick red color, with a hard lean towards red.
2 - Orange Autumn is matte.  I was expecting this color to be bright orange, but it is more of a light tobacco brown that does lean orange.  It is a very interesting shade, I don't know that I've ever seen one like it.
3 - Persimmon is a shimmer.  This is my favorite color.  It is a lovely orange-peach shade.  I don’t have anything like it in my eyeshadow collection, and I’ll probably buy a full-size pot.  While completely unimpressive in its little baggie, I fell in love with it once I tried it on.
4 – Plum is a shimmer.  This color seems to change depth depending on the light.  In low light, it looks very smoky and dusty.  In natural light, there is no mistaking that it is purple, although it is still a muted shade.
5 – Scarlet is a shimmer.  I was expecting a bright red, but this shade is more muted, and actually more wearable than a bright red.  It leans orange.

In my swatches, the color is applied to bare skin only.  The colors deepen dramatically if you apply it over eyeshadow base, or apply them wet.

Overall, I liked all of the colors.  As I mentioned earlier, Persimmon is the one shade I will most likely buy a full-sized pot of, but I’ll enjoy playing around with the other colors until they run out.  There are several applications worth in each baggie, so they'll last a few weeks in rotation with my other eyeshadows. 

The Lure’s  prices are currently $5.99 for one gram of shadow (which is a full-sized pot in her store), so it's affordable to try out a bright, trendy color without breaking the bank or being stuck with a color you might not want to wear for more than a month.

She has lots of colors, but not all of them are currently listed in her shop.  Here are her color charts that were listed in the sample sale, used with her permission:

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