Monday, August 12, 2013

Review! Boots No.7 High Lights Illuminating Lotion

I recently picked up a bottle of Boots No.7 High Lights Illuminating Lotion.  At Target, you can get it for $13 for 1 oz.  This container is huge.  It is also made of heavy glass and has a pump (yay, sanitary!), so the packaging feels very luxurious.
Here it is swatched out on my hand; dot, swath, and blended:

The whole reason I bought this is because I heard it was a dupe for Benefit's High Beam.  High Beam is $26 for .45 oz.  I have several minis of High Beam, which I bought specifically because I didn't want to shell out that much money for such a small bottle of glowy lotion.  I reviewed it here.

So, are they dupes?


No, I don't think they are exact dupes.  But, they are really, really close.  I expect dupes to be identical, so one cannot tell the difference of one from the other.  Benefit is on the right, Boots is on the left.

Boots High Lights is more lavender, thicker upon pumping out of the container, then becomes much less viscous (it turns liquidy) when you start to spread it around, and it sheers out very quickly.

Benefit's High Beam is much more pink, thin upon brushing it on the skin, quickly becomes more viscous (thicker) as you spread it around, and takes longer to sheer out.

Here, you can still see that Benefit is pink, while Boots is lavender.

Once blended in, they are nearly identical.  However, Boots is a a tiny bit more prominent than Benefit.  This picture is before I blended them out fully.  There was no difference in the photo once they were fully blended, so I did not include that.

So, are they dupes?  I say no, because they are slightly different colors, and they apply differently.  They are very, very close, though.  They are close enough that the price can be the deciding factor for me.  I really scrutinize the product to see how they differ; I doubt any casual observer would be able to tell the difference once they are blended out.

Overall, I would choose Boots over Benefit because of the sanitary pump, and because of the much lower price point.

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