Friday, August 9, 2013

Review! Holika Holika Praha Blossom Skin

I received a sample of Holika Holika Praha Blossom Skin with a purchase from

Pretty and Cute's website says:
Holika Holika Praha Blossom Skin is a toner that contains sake filtrate, which acts as a natural astringent. With the help of various plant and flower extracts, this toner restores moisture in the skin and helps retain it. Natural anti-bacterial plant properties help control acne trouble and pores size without making skin feel tight. Brightening ingredients even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of scars and dark spots for clearer and brighter complexion.

The sample I received was enough for three uses.  Because of that, I can't attest to the effectiveness as a brightener.

As a toner, this one performs nicely.  It does have that alcohol twinge to it when applied, but it did not burn my skin.  It does have a very light floral scent, but you really have to try to detect it, because the alcohol burns most of the scent away before it reached my face.  The alcohol scent was not overwhelming, and I thought that it was less strong than any drugstore brand I have tried.

The cotton ball did come away from my face discolored, so it was effective at cleaning my (makeup free) face.  I did not have any breakouts when using this, nor did I have any blemishes that needed clearing.  It did not leave my skin feeling tight, like toners that over-dry the skin do.  I liked that, because I usually feel that toners tend to make my face more oily because of that over-drying tendency.  I also thought that this one left my skin feeling clean, and not like I had a filmy layer of residue on it, so I didn't feel the need to rinse my face with water after using it.

Quite frankly, I don't usually use toners.  I purchase them every now and again, but I never use them for very long.  I would not re-purchase this soon, simply because toners are not a part of my usual routine.  If you like toners, though, I would tell you that I think this one is a nice one.

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