Friday, December 28, 2012

Review! - L'Occitane Cleansing & Soothing Shower Oil With Almond Oil

I love L'Occitane Cleansing & Soothing Shower Oil With Almond Oil.
I get mine from Sephora, and Sephora has this to say:
What it is:
A decadent body cleanser that transforms into a deliciously scented, moisturizing foam.

What it does:
This foamy favorite is perfect for cleansing, hydrating, and even shaving. The unique formula is rich in almond oil, grape vine, rosemary, and nourishing lipids for silky smooth skin. The gentle almond fragrance is suitable for both women and men. 

I've been using this shower oil for the past two winters, and it is definitely on my permanent rotation.  I get very dry skin in the winter, and lotions don't cut it for me.  I don't have the time nor desire to re-apply lotion to anything except my hands throughout the day, so I need something that will hydrate my skin and then be done with it.  L'Occitane does what it says it will do... it cleans the skin while adding a ton of moisture.  What it does not do, is exfoliate the skin.

I rotate my wash routine to work in exfoliation but still put enough moisture on my skin.  I use a body poof and whatever body wash I have to exfoliate, and then I use almond oil (food grade) in the shower as a moisturizer.  I use this shower oil on alternating days.

I could just use the regular body wash followed by almond oil instead of using the L'Occitane, and that certainly is a cheaper alternative, but there is something more luxurious about the shower oil.  I liked that I could try out the small bottle for less than $10, and then this year I bought the bigger size.  The little bottle lasted all last winter, and I'm still using it, because I do rotate with the other products.

If you want to try just some plain almond oil, I have purchased mine at Target and Whole Foods.  I use the food grade oil, so you'll find it with the cooking oils.

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