Friday, December 14, 2012

Tutorial! How to Prep the Outer Lip Line

Today I have a tutorial on how to prep the outer lip line.  I wish I had discovered these tricks years ago.  I have some redness around my lips, and it makes my lipline look sloppy if I don't cover it.  I used to just apply foundation and powder around my lipline, but that tended to crack and drastically age my face.

This technique uses two products:


NYC Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in White 
I found my NYC pencil in Walgreens, but I'm not sure if they carry it anymore.  In any event, and soft eyeliner will work, just make sure it is pure white, and very soft.

Here I am, with foundation applied,  You can see the redness around my lower lip line, and the odd little lines on my top lip:
First, line the outside of your lips with the concealer pencil.  Put down a good layer of it. 
Now, with either your finger or a concealer brush, blend the concealer lightly.
Next, line a thick line of white pencil around your lips.  Don't be shy!  
Again, using your concealer brush or your finger, blend the color all the way to your lips and all around your mouth.  You want to make it lightly fade into your regular makeup.
You'll notice that some of the concealer is still on the lip.  That's ok.  You can either leave it there, to be covered by your lipstick, or you can carefully wipe it away.  It won't mess with your lipstick color.  The concealer will make your lips look more defined, and the white pencil will highlight them and make them look fuller.

I recommend not powdering around your lips unless you have oily skin.  I find that powder settles into fine lines and ages me a lot.

Now here is a pic with some lipstick applied!
What do you think?  Do you use white pencil to highlight your lips already?


  1. Great idea but I feel I have too-big lips already and am not sure I want to highlight them anymore than they do all on their own! *g* I do have that same problem of an ill-defined lip line and line my lips with lip pencil to help me with lipstick application.

  2. You can skip the white if you don't want to highlight them. :-) The concealer around the lips is the more dramatic change between the two pencils.

  3. I tried concealer yesterday and it did help with the feathering. I also tried using more lip pencil than I usually do and that helped as well.

  4. Awesome! It is, by far, my favorite makeup trick! :-D

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