Friday, June 14, 2013

Review! Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare - Extra Strength Alpha Beta Face Peel

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare - Extra Strength Alpha Beta Face Peel is expensive stuff.  But, they did two things very right:

1 - They made a product that freaking works!
2 - They offer a really decently sized trial package, so you can see just how well it works before plunking down a chunk of change for the stuff.


After 3 uses:

After 4th use.  The first three uses were consecutive nights, then I waited a week, then I waited two days to take the final photos.

Granted, in the photos, it doesn't look like a whole lot of change.  Keep in mind that I used a very high resolution for these pictures, so you get to see me in all my flawed glory.  It did fade some of my dark spots, but the real change happened with my pore size, blackheads, and skin radiance.  

I can finally feel confident again not wearing makeup.  Is my skin perfect yet?  No.  Do I plan on buying more of these and seeing just how far these little things can take me?  You can bet your blush brush I am!

This peel is incredibly easy to use.  In the package of 5 treatments, each treatment is individually packaged.  I like that, because I don't have to worry about the pads drying out.  I'm not sure if the bigger sizes are individually done, but if they aren't, I would recommend sticking to the sizes that are.  You don't use these every day.  I used them for three nights in a row, and on the third night, I experienced considerable stinging, nearly burning feeling.  It wasn't bad enough for me to abandon the process, but it did tell me that my face didn't need the treatment so often.

That said, I would not recommend this for sensitive skin.  If you really want to try it, okey-dokey, but you've been warned.

So, all you do is open the first packet, and rub the little wipe all over your face and neck, using small circular motions.  Keep doing that until the wipe feels mostly dry.  Then, wait two minutes.  Open the second packet, and do the same thing with that wipe.  This will initially make your face sting more, but it is supposed to be neutralizing the first product.  Afterwards, do not wash your face, and do not use products that contain alcohol.  Wear sunscreen for at least a week after one treatment (if you don't already use one, get one).

I highly recommend getting the little 5-pack and trying this stuff out.  It is going to be a permanent addition to my beauty routine.

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