Friday, June 28, 2013

Review! Skin79 BB Diamond Collection Pearl

I have been working my way through testing all of the BB Creams I bought in my Pretty and Cute haul.

Most recently, I tried out Skin79's BB Diamond Collection Pearl.  Unfortunately, I was not able to use it over my entire face because it is such a light shade.  Therefore, I cannot comment on whether it will have any other benefits than the ones I describe.

The main benefit and use that I found for this cream is to use it as an undereye moisturizer, concealer, and highlighter.  It performs all three functions in one application, wears all day, and for this specific use, I really like it.

The consistency is extremely watery.  Most BB Creams are, well, creamy.  This one is more like a liquid foundation, and is very runny.  The coverage is also much less than other BB creams have been, but for summer wear, I find this desirable.  The coverage is sheer to sheer-medium.

Pearl also contains a pretty intense amount of shimmer.  Usually, I would say this is a great thing for a foundation, but combined with the very pale undertone, it becomes unwearable for all but the ultra-pale.  However, it works wonderfully for use under my eyes, as a highlighting concealer.

It is also lightly moisturizing.  I purposely photographed my hand when I need lotion, so that you could see the before and after.  Vanity almost won out against me posting these...


 After, you can see the area where the skin isn't dry and flaky anymore:
 Blended in, you can see some of the shimmer.  It doesn't show up in photography, but is very noticeable in real life.:

In summary, I wouldn't recommend this BB cream as an all-over cream unless you are both very pale and really like shimmer.  A lot.

I do recommend it if you wear lighter makeup in the summer, and would like a good undereye product that would help conceal and brighten dark circles.

As with all BB creams, I highly recommend buying a trial size before committing to the full-size product.

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