Friday, September 20, 2013

Review! Sephora Nano Lipliner in 16 Pure Pinky

I've been looking for some new lipliners.  I have several drugstore brands, but I wasn't overly thrilled with any of them.  I knew I wanted a natural pink shade, and I didn't want a full-size product, as I never use them up.

I was in Sephora and spotted their mini lipliners, Nanos.  I bought three of them.
You can see the one thing I don't like about this lip liner in the photo above... the lid.  That sucker does NOT stay on the pencil tightly.  If you put it in your bag, you will need to contain it somehow.  I have a metal lipstick case that I plan to put mine in.  That lid will come off if left loose, so you've been warned.

Otherwise, these are sweet little gems at only $5 each!

I do not use lipliner to contain my lipstick.  I use lipliner either as its own color, or as a layer to wear under lipstick.  To keep my lipstick from feathering and bleeding, I line the outside of my lip with a concealer pencil.  If I have a color that really bleeds, I follow the concealer pencil with a white eyeliner pencil (it's dryer than the concealer), and then blend that with a concealer brush.  It sounds weird, but it works, and when you have it blended well, you cannot see it.  Therefore, I cannot comment on how well this contains lipstick to the lip, because I just never wear it for that purpose.

First up is 16 Pure Pinky.
This is a rose pink with a subtle shimmer, with a slight lean towards towards purple.  It is not glittery, and it is not overly frosty, it just shimmers a tiny bit.  In the flash photo, above, the effect is exaggerated.  The pencil glides on smoothly, with absolutely no tugging or dryness.  It's very similar to feeling like a satin lipstick, except it is in a little pencil.

Bare lip:

Half lip:

Full lip:

I love this color.  It is a very natural color on me, and it wears for about three hours before it needs reapplication.  I will definitely re-purchase.

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