Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Unsung Cardio

You didn't think that I would leave you hanging on the workouts, did you? 

I call it the Unsexy, Unsung Cardio.  It's what you do when no one is looking that keeps the heads turning.  The trick to the Ten-Minute* workouts and their related health benefits is simple- do the workouts.  The key here is intensity, not duration.   At a Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE) of 7-8 on a scale of 10, you can burn through about 100 Calories in about ten minutes. 

*...But dont let the "Ten Minute" line throw you.  Go longer if you can.  Do shorter bursts if so inclined.  Just don't make an excuse.  Did you know that the average hour long TV show has 20 minutes of commercials?  Think of each commercial break as a chance for a High Intensity Interval.  Jussayin'….

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Ten Minutes in the Stairwell:
  • Two Minutes:  Walking the stairs
  • One Minute: Running the Stairs
  • One Minute:  Walking up the stairs 2-3 steps at a time
  • One Minute: Squats or Running
  • Repeat

Ten Minutes With a Chair or a Park Bench:
  • Two Minutes: Step-Ups- Start steadily and build speed as your comfort level increases
  • One Minute: Triceps Dips
  • One Minute: Step-Ups or Box Jumps
  • One Minute:  Decline Wide-Grip Push-Ups
  • One Minute: Incline Mountain Climbers (Hands on the chair seat)
  • One Minute:  Incline triceps Push-Ups
  • One Minute:  Step-Ups
  • One Minute:  Incline Pylo-Push-Ups (Jump from a wide grip to a narrow grip)
  • One Minute:  Step-Ups

Ten Minute Abs:
  • One Minute:  Mountain Climbers
  • One Minute:  Old School Sit-Ups
  • One Minute:  Plank
  • One Minute:  Bicycle Crunches
  • One Minute:  Plank with Hip Twist
  • One Minute:  V- Ups
  • One Minute:  Reverse Crunches
  • One Minute:  Banana Pose to Superman (No Cheating)
  • One Minute:  Hold Superman/Bow Pose
  • One Minute:  Mountain Climbers

Ten Minutes to Kill or be Killed:
  • One Minute:  Jogging
  • One Minute:  Burpees
  • One Minute:  Squats
  • One Minute:  5 Mountain-Climbers to 5 High-Knees
  • One Minute:  Sumo Squats
  • One Minute:  Jumping Jacks
  • One Minute:  Plie Squats
  • One Minute:  Walking Lunges or Jumping Alternating Lunges
  • One Minute:  Stagger Push-Ups
  • One Minute:  Tuck-Jumps

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