Friday, September 27, 2013

Review! Sephora Nano Lipliner in 18 Pinup Pink

I recently purchased three Nano Lipliners by Sephora.  Today, I tried out 18, Pinup Pink.

The one thing I don't like about this lipliner is the lid.  That sucker does NOT stay on the pencil tightly.  If you put it in your bag, you will need to contain it somehow.  I have a metal lipstick case that I plan to put mine in.  That lid will come off if left loose, so you've been warned.

Otherwise, these are sweet little gems at only $5 each!

I do not use lipliner to contain my lipstick.  I use lipliner either as its own color, or as a layer to wear under lipstick.  To keep my lipstick from feathering and bleeding, I line the outside of my lip with a concealer pencil.  If I have a color that really bleeds, I follow the concealer pencil with a white eyeliner pencil (it's dryer than the concealer), and then blend that with a concealer brush.  It sounds weird, but it works, and when you have it blended well, you cannot see it.  Therefore, I cannot comment on how well this contains lipstick to the lip, because I just never wear it for that purpose.
Pinup Pink is a bright rose pink, and it certainly made me think "Pinup" as I applied it.  It is frosty, and almost too frosty.  It narrowly escapes the 80's, though, and earned a place in my lipcolor rotation.  It applies smoothly without skipping or dragging, and despite the frost load, it does not feel gritty.  I paired it with a natural eye, but I would recommend matching it up with either a cat eye or a dark smokey eye.  I particularly like how it faded; it was uniform, and it lost the frost first, so it became a gorgeous rosebud pink shade.

Bare lips:
Half lips:
Full lips:
Full face (sort of!):
This is a great lipliner!  However, if you don't like frost, I would skip this one and go with a different pink in the same line.

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