Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Sometimes I get creative and make stuff.  I really like to make girly stuff.  Frilly, girly stuff.  Frilly, sparkly, feathery, flowery girly stuff.  So, I learned how to make various hairtoys.  Currently on my project table?  Fascinators!!!

Behold, the fascinators I've been working on...

This one is made of blue silk flowers, purple fluffy feathers, and a haircomb:

It is a vibrant teal blue, and the tips deepen to a royal blue.  The purple feathers are a bright plum purple, although the color didn't capture well on my camera.  This is a medium-sized comb, and would cover most of the back of my head.  Here is another shot, sideways, like how you'd put in into a french twist:

Next up is a smaller fascinator.  This one is on a clip, and is about the size of my palm to halfway up my fingers.  It is designed to be worn on the side of the head, or on the side of an updo:
I made it out of a peacock feather, ostrich feathers, a glass Czech button, and a crystal medallion.  I made it specifically for my young daughter, so it's quite big for a little kid, but wouldn't be overwhelming on an adult.  Here is one more angle:

Last on the list, and probably the most impressive, is the one I call the "Wedding Fascinator".  Although I didn't make it with anyone's wedding in mind, it ended up looking more and more bridal as I went along.

As you can see, it is enormous.  I made it with ostrich feathers, an ivory peacock feather, some pink wispy feathers, a bunch of ivory-white feathers, and a silver medallion.


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    1. Thank you! Your 100 day challenge is captivating! :)