Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lip Swatch! - Wet n Wild Megalast Matte Lipstick - Rose Bud 904B

One of my most viewed posts is the swatch extravaganza here.   This post is part of my expansion of that post, in which I swatch each color on my lips!

Rose Bud is nearly imperceptible on my lip in light layers.  Even a full strength application looks incredibly natural.  For me, this is a great color to grab without thinking about how it will go with the rest of my makeup or outfit, because it just looks a lot like my lips, but better.

First, bare lips.  I prepped them with a thin application of Lansinoh:
Now, a thin layer, applied straight from the tube with a very light touch.  Then I blended it well with my lip brush.  It is not completely opaque yet, so my natural lip color is making it pull more purple.  It's almost difficult to see which half of my lip I left bare!
 Next is one layer, lightly applied straight from the tube, and blended with my lipbrush:

Next is full lip.  I applied directly from the tube to the bare side, and it only needed one coat.  I cleaned up the lip line with my lip brush.  I did not blot, but I did mash my lips together.  That seemed to tone down the shininess it had picked up from the Lansinoh.

Here is a full-face shot, to give you a better idea of how it works with skin tone.
First, no lipstick:
Then, just because a makeup reviewer has to accept that sometimes we are going to look silly, here is full face from the first application, with the single light coat:
Now with full strength:
And now some more pics that I took, mostly because I like how my eyeshadow looks today.  It's an iridescent green!

I like how this color is a departure from the "skintone nudes" and instead is a "liptone nude".  It makes it easy to wear, and it doesn't look silly as it wears off.  In fact, when it starts to wear off, I just top it with a berry color lip gloss.  It doesn't get flaky or clumpy, and it doesn't mind being mashed up with lipgloss after being on the lip for several hours.

Like the other Megalast colors, this formula is very nice. The color will stick around for hours.  Using a balm underneath it makes its lasting power decline.  I have found that adding a gloss on top doesn't seem to affect the wear time.

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