Monday, October 1, 2012

Review! - Rimmel London Glam'eyes Mascara

Rimmel's website has this to say about Glam'eyes Mascara:

Glam’eyes delivers ultimate lash seduction thanks to its unique Volumflex brush. Coloured powder-pink for sexy boudoir glamour, its supple bristles are ultra-fine for sleekly groomed lash definition. Glam'eyes mascara wraps each lash with the creamy lash-building formula for lashes that appear styled with up to 10 x more volume and an 80% longer look.

Well, ultimately, I threw this away.  I tried it for two weeks, every day, and I did not like it.  The formula itself was fine.  It coated evenly, it didn't smudge, although it did have a tendency to flake more than the other Rimmel formulas I've tried, and it dried very quickly on the lash.  It did not give 10x more volume, and I did not get an 80% longer look.  However, I think that was because of the brush.

The brush SUCKS.  I've discovered I like a big brush, not a little dinky plastic wand thingie.  It took forever to just get one coat on, although it does do a great job of keeping the lashes separated.  I spent so much time trying to put on my mascara that I got irritated every day fiddling around with this thing.  You have to finish one lash set at a time, or the mascara will dry and you will be unable to apply another coat.  What I mean is, you have to do all the top lashes on your left eye until you are done.  Then you can do the bottom lashes on your left eye until you are done.  Then go to the right side and repeat.  It takes forever.  And the results are not that spectacular.

 On your left is the Glam'eyes.  On the right is Scandaleyes.  Both were applied with several coats, and I was really trying to make them look the same.  Scandaleyes took maybe 30 seconds to get that coverage, while Glam'eyes took about 2 minutes.  Two minutes is WAY too long to spend dinking around with mascara.

Here is the full face.
I tried to fit another spoolie (mascara wand) into the Glam'eyes tube so that I could continue to use the product without the annoying wand, but the opening was too small.  Boo!  I think if it wasn't for the wand, application would go a lot faster, and probably apply a lot thicker.  I did like how the wand had the longer, further-spaced bristles to separate the lashes... it would be awesome to have a spoolie that had those attached to a regular bushy bristle brush...

Verdict?  Like I said, after two weeks of trying to get it to work for me, I tossed it in the trash can.

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