Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Review! Lioele Dollish Veil Vita BB Cream in Gorgeous Purple

I purchased this as three sample sizes in my PrettyandCute haul.

Lioele's website has this to say:
Makeup Base + UV Protection in only 1 product. Protect skin from harmful UV rays, also to treat stressed skin with Vitamins at once.

The full-size packaging would look like this:
And I found this handy little chart to help you decide between the purple or the green:

I chose the purple to even out skin tone and brighten.  My overall impressions are mixed.

- The formula washes off easily, which is a plus for me.
- It does cover very well.
- It wears comfortably.
- It does make my skin look brighter and whiter when worn.

- It didn't seem to affect my dark spots, so I was unimpressed with any complexion-improving benefits.
- Did not seem to affect pore size.
- The purple color seems gimicky to me, because the formula starts to change color (oxidize) the moment you start to blend it around.  After wiping the product onto a white tissue, there was no purple tint visible, at all, so how it could give the benefit of neutralizing yellow tones is perplexing.  
- The formula is matte, but I prefer a more dewy finish.
- It does not feel moisturizing at all.

I wrote notes down for three days of the week-long trial.  After the first three days I started the pro and con list, because my opinions tend to form slowly over repeated experiences.  As usual, I am transcribing my notes as I wrote them, so they do consist of sentence fragments.  I feel that you get a more honest representation of how the trial went, without coloring of the experience from my final opinion.

Day 1 - Applied with fingers.  Uneven application.  Comes out of packet purple-white, turns skin tone quickly.  Not moisturizing.  Nose got oily after 5 hours; not judging other wear due to application method.  Smells like a floral perfume, but clean and almost soapy.  Scent seems to fade.

Here are pics from day 1:

After (oxidization was not complete, so it looks chalky):

Day 2 - Stipple brush, used remainder of packet... too much!  Should get 3 applications out of each sample packet.  Coverage was flawless, though too heavy for my taste.  My skin looked doll-perfect.  Patted on with stipple, then swirled to blend with stipple.  Nose still got oily.  Used cream blush today, got good application and color lasted all day.

Day 3 - Applied with stipple.  Put a bit of Wet N Wild tinted moisturizer over it with stipple.  Products worked well together.  Gave me a lot more coverage than I usually wear, but a very natural look with that dewy finish that I love.  Wore beautifully.  Very nice combo.

Here is a pic from day 3:

And finally, here is a pic from the last day of the trial.  I think any new product has a learning curve to apply it well. 
EDIT TO UPDATE!!!  Kimmy left a great question in the comments, wondering if I would, or have, bought the full size after this review.  In a word, no.  I prefer a more moisturizing formula, and satin/dewy finishes.  Also, I really want a BB cream to stun me with an amazing transformation in my complexion.  This one looks beautiful when worn, but the effect wash away with the product when I wash my face.  I think this BB cream would be better for a person with more oily skin (mine is normal in the summer, and dry in winter) who wants a matte finish.


  1. I love trying BB creams! Would you/have you bought the full sized of this one after this thorough trial?


  2. Great question! I updated the post to reflect it, but no, I didn't buy the full size. It's just not what I'm looking for in a BB cream.

    I'm following your blog now, you have great posts! :-D