Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Review! Boots No. 7 Lip Glace in Angel Cake

Today I wanted to show you Boots No. 7 Lip Glace in Angel Cake.
It is a peach champagne color, with subtle holographic sparkles.  I was trying out a bold eye color, and I wanted something that would balance the look, without adding more color.

Bare lip:

With lipliner (Revlon Colorstay Lipliner in Sheer Blush - I think it's discontinued but you can still find it online by googling for it.  It matches my lip exactly.)

With Angel Cake:

Full face:
Between the Dutch-braid-faux-hawk and the green eyeshadow, there was a lot going on with my look that day.  This gloss complimented everything perfectly, and the holographic shimmer ensured that the sparkles matched all the colors in the eyeshadow - even the green!

Like most lip glosses, it didn't wear very long.  It wore for about an hour or so before wearing off.  I've found that stickiness and wear time have a direct correlation, and this one was no different.  It wasn't very sticky, but it was more sticky than a lip balm.

This lip gloss smells exactly like yellow cake batter, and it is very strongly scented.  It is not flavored, however.  That scent is the one thing I don't like about the gloss.  It is weird to have something smell that strongly and it not have a taste to it.  I would prefer it to either not have a smell, or for it to be flavored.  Otherwise, I really liked it!

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