Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Review! Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder

Bluntly, I don't like this as a bronzing powder.  And may I just say, this is not "bronze".  "Bronze" implies a shimmer or sheen.  It's brown.  And matte.  So it should be called a matte contouring powder. 

It smells like Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows drink mix.  The smell fades quickly, though.  I was curious to smell it, as many reviewers were just about losing their minds over it smelling "like chocolate".  To me, this does not smell at all like chocolate... at least, not the kind of chocolate I like to eat.  Not to be snobby, it's just that if I'm going to have to work off some extra calories, I want them to taste as good as they possibly can, so I get the more expensive stuff, and that chocolate smell does not smell like this chocolate smell.  So, yeah, Swiss Miss. 


On me, this turns kind of orange when applied as a contour shade (cheeks and nose), and it is really easy to overdo the application.  This high pigmentation means that it will last a long time, because it only takes a little bit to get good results.  I think that is an excellent quality in a powder, because then you aren't caking on makeup to get the desired effect.  That, in turn, makes everything look more natural, and more like you.  Looking like you is a wonderful thing.

This is the "medium/deep" version of this product, so the lighter shade may have fared better on me.  But, this came as part of a sampler set, so I didn't get to choose the shade.  Also, this is not a full-sized product, so if you try it, your container will be bigger.

I tried to use it for a week as a contour shade, failed, and then tried it as an eyeshadow.  It makes a GREAT neutral, matte eyeshadow.  It is especially nice as a lower lid color on me, as the orange tones counteract under-eye purple-ness.  I won't repurchase, because I have plenty of other eyeshadows. 

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