Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Review ! Sephora Colorful Palette in Matte Madness 15

I picked up Sephora's Colorful Palette in Matte Madness 15.
I ordered it online, and the eyeshadow compact came loose in the mailing box.  It arrived with the scratches on it that you can see below.  I tried it out for a week.
The eyeshadow applies well, with good coverage, and blends easily.  The colors are so much prettier on the eye than they are in the pan.  It also faded horribly off of the eyelid and the lower eyelid after a few hours, even with primer.  It did stay on the browbone.  I had to re-apply it twice in an 8-hour period.  This photo shows true-to-life color:
I've already returned this to Sephora.  I cannot recommend it.


  1. That's too bad--the colors did look really pretty.

    1. Michelle, I agree! I was surprised, after being so happy with their Sephora+Pantone palette last year, that this one didn't measure up. The final give-up came when I used the black on my eyelid, hoping it would last longer, and it was gone within 2 hours.