Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Review! Skin79 Super BB Cream (Hot Pink)

I have been testing many Asian BB Creams, and my most recent trial has been of Skin79's Super BB Cream (Hot Pink).  I found that this cream is less pigmented than the other BB creams I have tried.  A pea-sized dot gave sheer coverage, and with other creams I have tried, that same amount would have been medium coverage.

I applied the cream in dots over my face, and then blended with a stippling brush.

Here I am before:
Dot the cream all over:

I set the cream with loose powder, and checked it occasionally to see how it wore.  It stayed in place, and it didn't fade over the course of the day.  It didn't cause any breakouts.  I didn't notice any whitening, but my complexion does look more even.  It performed the same every day I wore it, so I don't have a day-to-day account of my experience; you would just read the same paragraph above over and over.

My overall feelings about this cream were neutral, leaning towards liking it.  It wore well, and looked nice.  I don't like it enough to put it through another round of testing, but I liked it well enough to use the entire sample-sized tube.

After the first day that I have pictured above, I mixed it with moisturizer and primer before applying it, and then rubbed it into my skin.  I used more of it than I am used to using with BB creams (two peas-sized dots instead of one), and that fact is what took it out of the running for a second trial.  It's good, but it's not the "best" for me. 


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    1. Yay! :-D. I am really glad that you like them!

  2. whats the best korean bb cream do you think?

  3. So far I like Elisha Coy the best. However, your preference will really determine which one you like. Most of the Asian BB creams are very pale, and would not look good unless one has porcelain white skin. Some of the BB creams do come in darker shades. If you want to try out a BB cream, I highly recommend ordering sample sizes and packets, so you can try out a wide variety to find what works for you. I bought all of mine from (I have no affiliation with them, just a good shopping experience.)